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Choice Magazine Review

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries is the premier book review magazine for academic librarians. It is published by the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. Choice reviews only a “small percentage of titles” that are “authoritative, well presented and well organized.”

Here's what Choice has to say about A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics:

This book covers thermodynamics from a different angle, emphasizing understanding concepts and ideas...Many times, thermodynamics textbooks and lectures focus on the applications and derivations of formulas. Consequently, the bigger picture of "understanding" the ideas behind the equations is often lost. This book...leads students to give thermodynamic properties a wide view and apply the concepts in a broad way. Students will gain a deep, well-founded understanding, which will benefit them in other areas as well. Useful for students and professionals in numerous areas, including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.
Choice magazine, Volume 52 No. 8, April 1, 2015
Reprinted with permission from CHOICE, copyright by the American Library Association.

Want to buy the book now? You can do so at the Wiley title homepage. Ebook formats, e.g. kindle and nook, are also available.